Everyone lives in places where the temperature is high enough has experienced unexpected computer shutdowns or other issues occurred due the overheating of their favorite devices. For those people a laptop cooling pad is essential. Moreover programmers, gamers or producers may experience this type of problems while rendering or playing. Most of our laptops cooling fans are not enough to keep the system’s temperature low during difficult tasks putting it at risk and having random shutdowns or freezes. Don’t worry though, cooling pads are here to save the whole situation! Coming at a very reasonable price they are able to keep our laptops super-cooled for many hours!


11) HAVIT HV-F2056

Ultra-portable as it’s very slim (slightly over 1-inch) and pretty lightweight (1.6 lbs) . It can be used with any laptop up to 17-inches. The three large (110 mm) fans are more than enough to keep your laptop at the lowest temperature while being super-quite spinning at just over one thousand (1,000) RPM. All HAVIT products are built to the highest quality standards. Their buyers get offered a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Customer Reviews: 4.5-stars

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2) Thermaltake Massive 2

This is great for those who wanna have complete control of their coolers. It can support all laptops up to 17-inches and it’s made of a nice metallic material with a brushed aluminum finish.  This model comes with a temperature sensor which is very handy and features a display and control panel. It’s two large (120 mm) fans can be adjusted to automatic, or manual preference.

Customer Reviews: 

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3) Targus Lap Chill Mat3

Targus Lap Chill Mat is a more basic model. It maximizes the comfort and provides your laptop a cool airflow produced by it’s dual fans.  It has a beautiful design protecting your lap or work surface from heat. Very quite and lightweight. This is the ideal one if you’re looking for something basic with not much features available.

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