Everyone using snapchat has noticed that his account has chosen it self some friends and placed them to his best friends list. Many people have been wondering how the whole process works and that’s why they forwarded the question to the snapchat’s forum.

You have probably checked that out before visiting this article. Snapchat claims that best friends are chosen by their “magic algorithm”. Obviously snapchat team does not want their secret to be leaked and that’s exactly why we are here. Before continue reading we have to point out that our conclusion have been made after a lot of research on snapchat’s evolution, however this method have never been proved right or confirmed.

Anyway, if you are a long-time snapchat user you got to remember when you could visit someone’s profile and very easily see his best friends. Snapchat has already taken care of that and hid that feature. On the screenshot below we can see that next to the best friends name there are some scores.

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This means that snapchat has a dedicated ranking method for friends. There’s the score which measures the total amount of snaps your account has received and sent till now and then there’s that score which is applied to each individual friend of yours. Back in time the user was able to see that score, but not anymore. This feature no longer exists. This is where our theory is based on, the old versions of the platform.

To keep up with, till now we have established one thing. The dedicated score we are studying (Snapchat Friends Score) is responsible for measuring the number of interactions you had with each of your  friends. After a lot of reasearch on snapchat’s official announcements not only on their site, but on their tweeter account as well we can confirm that the Friends score is updated on a weekly basis.

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What does this mean? Well in simple terms, every week all your friends score gets reset all the way back to zero and the measuring starts again. The person you had the more interactions with during the week gets the highest score.  This will push him all the way up to to the first place on the best friends list. This is applied to the persons you chatted the most with ensuring that they’ll get the highest possible score.

However we have to point out that other factors may play an essential role in influencing the basic algorithm. The score is believed to be the number one factor though. It’s not a surprise that snapchat removed the feature of allowing users to see other people’s best friends. Even the user himself cannot see the score of his own best friends probably for the same reasons.

Summarizing, the person you chat the most with during the week is gonna go up to the best friends list. Many people may disagree with my theory and I would love to hear their own opinion down in the comments section.


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