Not many days have passed since Apple introduced it’s latest iPhone SE model. The new iPhone became viral worldwide mostly because of the new color introduced Rose Gold. The well-known news company CNBC has reported that more than 3.4 million iPhones have been pre-ordered only in China.

iphone se

The model was available for pre-ordering on March 21st. Only a week has passed since then and yet the China managed to get the lead in the quantity of phones got pre-ordered.

A possible reason that the new phone has gone viral is probably because of it’s price tag. Iphone SE ranges from 399$ for the 16gigs model up to 499$ for the 64gigs model. We can see that it’s the most affordable model the big company has ever released and this gives the opportunity to thousands of people to buy it.

On March 31st the new iPhone SE will be available for sale on store’s shelves. This is when sales will expand rapidly as the most people prefer to purchase phones directly from the stores rather than pre-ordering them.

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