iphonesecameraWe all have been waiting for that moment that the brand new iPhone SE would go up for sale on the very well-known and one of the best product selling websites, the Amazon. Since Apple officially released the new model and started selling it at it’s stores the world has gone crazy. Everyone is trying to get the new model. We have seen that just the pre-orders amount in China has exceeded the number of 3.4 million devices.

Despite the fact that iPhone SE had a pretty successful pre-ordering rate, the company is disappointed as the iPhone SE had only 3% of the iPhone 6’s first weekend online sales figures.


Many people believe that the new iPhone SE isn’t worth the upgrade (read the related article for reference here), some others are willing to get it but they wanted to wait for the official release so people could get it on-hands and review it first. Either way that decreased the device’s pre-orders rate. The big company released the phone yesterday and it’s already up for sale on Amazon!

Why does this matter? Well as we said before, Amazon is a very well-known product selling platform trusted by millions of people and that ensures that they will get a legit product shipped right to their doors.iPhone-SE

So we are all expecting that this is going to be a huge boost for the company’s sales. The new iPhone SE model is available on Amazon in the following options:


All the models mentioned above are factory unlocked and can be used anywhere worldwide.

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