Only one day has passed since Google officially announced that Picasa will be shut down within the next month and we see that a lot people have already started worrying about it.

picasa, google, shut, downWhat is going to happen to all the photos that you have now uploaded on Picasa? The company claimed that all your data will be securely moved to the brand new service that google got launched called Google Photos. This will basically act as an alternative of Picasa.

What if people do not like the new app? 
Well in that case, Picasa albums will still exist on the web and are accessible for download or deletion. However, as of March 15, 2016 Picasa desktop application will no longer be supported.

All your photos and videos you have now stored on Picasa Web albums will be automatically available on Google Photos when you login with your account as the company said.

Stay tuned as more updates will be posted soon.

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