Living the past decade there’s no wonder that our eyes have seen incredible things. We have experienced the biggest evolution technology ever did, the rising of the computing industry. I still remember the first video game I have ever played on SEGA during the late 90’s.

Well things have dramatically changed since then, however some games will just always be in our hearts. During that period we all have played some games which are impossible to forget. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would be a great example of this. No matter how many years have passed it’s still one of the greatest games ever designed.

People might say that if those games got compared to today’s ones they would just be awful. But that’s not the point. In the past decade or in the 2000’s approximately 10,000 video games were released and in this post I will be presenting only five of them which managed to stand out. Those games will be the all-time favorites.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Year Released: 2004

Platform(s): PC, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360

There’s no doubt that GTA: San Andreas is one of the best games ever released. Everyone knows how it’s played with the CJ being the protagonist. Here is the story for those who don’t know it:

” Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas… a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption.  Now, it’s the early 90s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

call of duty modern warfare

Year Released: 2007

Platform(s): PC, MAC, PS3, XBOX 360

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has been reported to be the best call of duty the company ever managed to release. It’s original and all the first-person shooting game fans loved it. The ability to go online and play against with other players from all around the world is probably what kicked to game right to the top.


Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved

Year Released: 2003

Platform(s): PC, XBOX

Halo is set in the twenty-sixth century, with the player assuming the role of the Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier. The player is accompanied by Cortana, an artificial intelligence who occupies the Master Chief’s neural interface. Players battle various aliens as they attempt to uncover the secrets of the eponymous Halo, a ring-shaped artificial world. The game has been commended for elements such as its story, the variety of strategies players can employ, and its multiplayer mode.


Far Cry

far cry

Year Released: 2004

Platform(s): PC, PS3

The game’s story follows an ex Special Forces operator named Jack Carver, who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago in Micronesia. He is searching for a female journalist he was escorting after she went missing when their sailboat was destroyed by mercenaries.


Left 4 Dead

left 4 dead

Year Released: 2008

Platform(s): PC, XBOX

Left 4 Dead is a first-person shooter in which the player takes control of one of four survivors; if human players are not available, then the remaining survivors are AI-controlled bots. They play through the levels fighting off the infected—living humans who have been infected with a rabies-like virus that causes psychosis. Although the survivors are carriers of the disease they do not show signs of any symptoms.


Battlefield 2

battlefield 2


Year Released: 2005

Platform(s): PS2, XBOX

The single-player aspect features missions that involve clashes between U.S. Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. The multiplayer aspect of the game allows players to organize into squads that come under the leadership of a single commander to promote teamwork.[5] The story takes place in the early 21st century during a fictional world war between various power blocs: China, the European Union, the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC), Russia and the United States.

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