This one is dedicated to all gamers and mouse lovers. Mice are essential for all types of computer users. Some may need an optimized for gaming, designing or just a regular one. We will go deeper in the gaming section. There are three different types of gaming mice:

  • Palm grip mouse
  • Claw grip mouse
  • Finger-tip grip mouse


In this article we will be analyzing and reviewing  the top rated palm grip mice of all time. The palm grip mouse let’s the user curl his fingers into a claw shape and hold the mouse with them, as well as the base of his palm. Which grip is the best? We really cannot tell, as each type feature different benefits. It’s up to the user personal preferences to choose the best one.


ROCCAT SAVU Hybrid:roccatsavu

  • Speed and Control
  • Keep Track of Your Mouse Skills
  • Built Tough
  • The Easy-Shift[+] Advantage
  • Enhance Your Experience with Color
  • Customizable settings
  • “No Sweat” Side Grips
  • Optimally-Weighted for Comfort
  • Precision Scroll Wheel

Combining exceptional performance and super-customizable features promise you to dominate every opponent you may face. Roccat savu is an ultra comfortable mouse with high speed and precision. A lot gamers are loving it because of it’s super fast responsive feedback, it’s outstanding performance and it’s capability of completely customizing it to your own personal preferences. Roccat Savu is here to deliver quality, durability and and precision.

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Razer Abyssus:roccatsavumice

  • 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G Infrared Sensor
  • 3 Buttons Tuned For Ultra-Responsive Feedback
  • Hardware Toggles for DPI and Polling Rate
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ feet
  • Mechanical dpi/polling rate switches
  • Three independently programmable Hyperesponse™ buttons


Designed to deliver absolute comfort to your palm, reliability and excellent performance for the least price possible.  Focused on the fundamentals of competitive gaming, Razer Abyssus comes with super-responsive button ready to maximize tactile feedback. Aim percised and perfectly thanks to the 3500dpi 3.5 infrared sensor which insures to make the target missing impossible.

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Mad Catz R.A.T.7:


  • Perfect Your Grip
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis
  • Custom Weight System
  • Precision Aim Mode
  • Take Control of Your Games
  • 18 User-definable Commands via 3 Mad Catz Modes
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Customize Your DPI Settings



We have talked about mice with customizable buttons and commands. What about a mouse which is actually physically customizable? Mad Catz R.A.T.7 comes with adjustable weights and highly customizable shape as you can easily adjust the length of the mouse and the position of the thumb panel. Moreover it provides customizable DPI and programmable buttons as well as user-definable commands.

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Summarizing the above options, you are the one who will make the final choice. It really depends on everyone’s personal preferences. If you want to go something cheap or with something more expensive and more customizable. All three mice are great products and are capable of delivering the highest quality with the best possible performance.

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