Before I say anything I need to clarify that there has not been an official announcement relating to the game. However thousands of Battlefield fans believe that the incredible Battlefield 5 will be announced during the next Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which will take place this June (2016) in Los Angeles.

So lately a guy on Reddit named “Koxin” has been spreading photos which reveal the plans of the next on the list Battlefield game, Battlefield 5. Many people have been patiently waiting for the specific game to come out, as thousands loved and are still playing the previous Battlefield 4 which was released back in 2013.


None of the leaked images are confirmed to be legit, but usually our rumors get proven right in the end anyway. If those images are real, then you should be expecting the next Battlefield game to be called “Battlefield 5: Eastern Front”. Moreover the images unveiled several downloadable contents for the game.

It is believed that there are four DLC packs. They all called: “Fallen Dragon, Prototype Warfare, Titan Assault and Independence Day”.

  • Fallen Dragon
  • Prototype Warfare:  Fast-forwards gamers to the future adding a new game mode called “Vehicle Superiority”.
  • Titan Assault: It takes place in the Pacific Ocean while bringing the “Titan Quest” game mode.
  • Independence Day: This one takes gamers to battle their enemies on the American Grounds.

Final Thoughts:

“Battlefield 5: Eastern Front” is believed to be announced this June, while it’s predicted to be available in stores starting October 26, 2016. We are all waiting for it’s release.

More information to be followed.

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