If you are a frequent visitor of our site you must have already seen the related post on which we were discussing the rumors of Apple releasing a new iPhone model this March. You can read it here if you haven’t: Is Apple Releasing A new iPhone in Spring 2016?


Anyway that’s not the point, the point is that our rumors have been proved correct for once more. A few days ago Apple announced it’s brand new iPhone model which it’s size will be 4-inches, exactly as predicted.

The new iPhone is called “iPhone SE” and it’s design is the same as the older iPhone 5s line. Getting deeper into it’s features and specifications, the biggest change is made to the processor. iPhone SE comes equipped with the new A9 processor and M9 motion co-processor. Both can be found inside the older iPhone 6s.

So we can already see that the brand new iPhone can get put up against the older iPhone 6s very easily. An other significant upgrade is the camera’s capabilities. The new camera comes with a 12-megapixel chip allowing for panoramas to be taken at a resolution of up to 63-megapixels. 4K video recording is another feature of the incredible iSight camera. It’s slowmotion capabilities have also been upgraded as the new model can record up to 240 fps video footage.

Some other improvements include better battery life, faster LTE and faster Wi-Fi connections. It will run iOS 9.3 right out of the box. This phone could be ideal for the people who are looking to buy a powerful iPhone which won’t take up too much space in their pockets. To be honest I was expecting for such a release to happen as I’m a big iPhone fan and I stuck with the iPhone 5s for the last couple of years. It was about time for the company to give the small phone lovers a gift.

apple se

Apple claims the new model as the “most powerful 4-inch phone ever” with it’s price tag starting as low as $399 for the 16gigs model.
The phone will be available on store shelves on March 31st, as you can pre-order it from March 24th.

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