Yes you read that right! G.Skill just revealed their brand new memory kit which features 128 GB of RAM. The ultra-capacity model is made out of eight different modules each one with the capacity of 16GB. So we have a total (8 x 16) of 128GB. This is the world’s fastest memory kit clocked at 3000MHz CL14 designed for Intel’s X99 platform.

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Back in 2015 the highest possible RAM capacity was only 64 GB. G.Skill managed to break that barrier and introduce it’s brand new 128 GB model. However it’s high capacity isn’t the only thing that surprises us.  It’s clocking speed is truly incredible. Most people computers use DDR3 RAM’s at 1666MHz. Think how awesome is 3000MHz, almost twice as fast!

G.Skill’s DDR4 128GB memory kit will be compatible with the latest Intel XMP2.0 standard. The model is predicted to be released till the end of January and it’s price tag is still unknown. Don’t wait it to be relatively cheap though as it will take the game to a whole new level opening new horizons for 3D rendering, scientific calculations, simulations and other professional applicants.

*01/26/2016 UPDATE*

The beast is finally released! Coming a little more expensive than expected ,but it’s worth every single penny!

Price and where to buy: Here!

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